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RE-REL Range
Maintenance Free Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery

With float service life of up to15 years, three to five times that of conventional batteries and
supports electrical equipment throughout its own full service life without change.

With float service life of up to 10 years (2-3 times that of conventional batteries)


Features include:-

Design that allows a device with life expectancy of about 15 years.
The expected life in floating charge is about 15 years (when discharged with 0.25CA current at ambient temperature of 25c), which is three to five times longer than the conventional batteries (NP series).

The battery is economical.
As a result of having realized 3-5 times longer life than our conventional batteries (NP Series), running cost becomes reduced considerably

Flat top design.
The battery shape incorporates a flat top design. It also employs an integrated handle opening structure (REL-B24-12, 38-12 and 65-12) which facilitates battery installation and movement.

Flame-retardant material.
Battery container and lid use flame-retardant material (certified by UL94 , with V-O oxygen index of more than 31)

Interchangeability with conventional batteries.
The batteries have interchangeability in outline dimensions and terminal positions with our NP series
batteries (* NOTE: REL-B24-12 is 50mm longer than NP24-12 in height, and REL- B38-12 is 5mm longer than NP38-12 in height)


Communication systems and Equipment
Disaster Prevention and Security Systems Equipment
Emergency Lighting Equipment
Uninterruptible Power supplies (UPS)
Electronic Exchanges
Other varying types of Electronic/Electrical Equipment