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The range of battery chargers from Yuasa utilises the latest computer controlled technology designed to give greater charging control of Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries (VRLA) with increased product reliability.

Short Circuit Protection -
Prevents damage to the charger if the DC output is short circuited, visual indication is by alternate flashing red and green indicators.

Reverse Polarity Protection -
Prevents damage to the charger is the battery is accidentally connected in reverse, visual indication is by a continuous flashing
red indicator.

High Temperature Protection -
If the internal case temperature rides above a pre-determined level the system is designed to automatically shut down the charging current, thus reducing the case temperature. As the temperature reduces the charger will automatically turn up to the maximum charging current available. Simultaneous flashing of the red and green indicators will visually indicate high case temperatures.

Soft Start -

On power up the system will enter a "soft start" mode. This facility checks for possible faults i.e. reverse battery connection, short circuit etc. before offering maximum charge current.

Constant Current Bulk Charge and 3 Stage Charging -

Provides the fastest possible way to recharge a VRLS battery without overcharging.

Constant Voltage Float -

Compensated for self discharge, holding the battery at peak charge, ready for use. The battery can be left on charge until required without fear of overcharging.

Proportional Charging -
Automatically, proportionally adjusts the second (constant voltage) stage length of charge based on the time taken to carry out the first (constant current) stage. This facility allows optimal charging by eliminating overcharging and compromise of fixed charge timers.

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Exegon Ltd is a U.K. based designer manufacturing company of industrial battery chargers, golf cart battery chargers, wheelchair battery chargers and motorcycle battery chargers. Battery chargers have been assembled at their U.K. site for over 20 years.
The charger range extends from small low voltage ni-cad or ni-MH chargers through to medium sized traction chargers. Customer's own specifrications and battery types can be designed and manufactured.

The Pro-Lite Alpha Plug Top Range is a compact and competitive charging solution.
The Pro-Lite Switch Mode Range is a lightweight, efficient and cost effective range.
The Pro-Duty Conventional Transformer-based Range is a robust, strang, hard working and reliable
The Multibank Options of Conventional Chargers is designed to offer save space and money
The Vehicle Based Chargers is an Automatic 12 volt or 24 volts in and 12 volt or 24 volt out

Standard case sizes (special metalwork can be arranged if required). Most models can be fitted with connectors and cables to suit your application. All models can be set for current limits up to the figures shown. All chargers are set at the factory for battery type and current rating specified on your order. Alternative input/output voltages available to special order. specials and models etc, manufactured for your particular requirements. Own branding (colours and labels) available on batches


Please select the battery charger range to view the Technical Sheet