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Industrial Batteries

Are you looking for a company that can supply businesses with high quality industrial batteries? Are you sick of companies not delivering your industrial batteries when you need them to? If you are, look no further, Tahoe International have been leaders in the provision of industrial batteries since 1980 and all of the Yuasa stock is located at a warehouse in London Heathrow Airport ensuring the fastest despatch anywhere in Europe.

We are the UK’s sole export stockist / distributor of Yuasa industrial batteries, all of our industrial batteries are classified non-hazardous and meet the requirements of the International Air Transport Association, enabling us to offer a full air / sea transportation service, which is very competitively priced.

All of the Yuasa industrial batteries are manufactured to the highest quality and ensure long life and high performance. The industrial batteries we supply from Yuasa are economic, flame retardant and designed to have a long life expectancy.

Our customer base is ever increasing due to our reliability, high quality industrial batteries and competitive prices. We believe in Yuasa products and in our service, so don’t go anywhere else for your industrial batteries, make Tahoe International your last stop.

For further details of the Industrial batteries we provide, you can click here to view our website, or alternatively you can send us an email with any queries you may have regarding industrial batteries.

If you would like further information on Yuasa batteries, you can browse through our website, or call our branch for advice on all of our products and services.

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