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Uninterrupted Power Supply

Are you searching for uninterrupted power supply batteries? Would you like a company that can provide a vast range of Yuasa batteries for an uninterrupted power supply system? If the answer is yes, your search ends here, Tahoe International has been a provider of Yuasa batteries for an uninterrupted power supply system for many years and are the UK’s sole export stockist / distributor of Yuasa batteries.

Uninterrupted power supply batteries are essential to the system, if the equipment crashes, the battery must provide sufficient power to enable data to be saved. Therefore it is essential that you choose the highest quality uninterrupted power supply batteries around, as the possible consequences of failure can be very severe.

All of our uninterrupted power supply batteries at Tahoe International is located in a warehouse at London Heathrow Airport, which ensures the fastest despatch anywhere in Europe and as our batteries are classified non-hazardous and meet all of the requirements of the International Air Transport Association, we can offer full transportation for uninterrupted power supply batteries by either air, sea or road.

The uninterrupted power supply batteries that we provide have been manufactured under a quality system, meeting the very highest standards in quality, technology and reliability. The innovative design of the uninterrupted power supply batteries provides many features, all of which are listed on our extensive website.

If you are unsure what battery your uninterrupted power supply system requires, don’t hesitate in giving us a call. Click here to visit our website.

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